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Highest expectations. Incredible attention to detail. Deep customization of services to meet individual needs – even for the most unconventional of spaces. At Envivia Clean, we provide it all. As the premier cleaning service in the Edmonton Area, we believe “clean” shouldn’t compromise health, disrupt your schedule, or leave a baseboard (or ceiling fan) untouched. We don’t struggle with meeting your scheduling needs, communicating, or trust, we take ownership of your space and provide only the best service. For each of our cleaning services, we use powerful, but safe, eco-friendly cleaning products.

We take great care in selecting the cleaning products we use, but that isn’t all. We select only the most dedicated and intelligent cleaning specialists as our employees, and ensure that they deliver exactly what you would expect from our premium services. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the service you receive from Evivia Clean.

Because we care about your health, our health, and the well-being of the environment, we are committed to using chlorine-, ammonia-, and phosphate-free products. Even though it may take a bit of extra work on our part, we are able to get the job done without subjecting everyone to harmful chemicals.

Our mission is to tailor our cleaning and organizing services to perfectly suit your household’s needs. We are detail-oriented and thorough, and we adapt our general cleaning list to reflect your preferences. At your consultation, we can discuss the unique cleaning needs of your home, the eco friendly products you will need, and a schedule and budget that works for you. Effective communication is essential in our business, and we strive to be accessible and understanding in addressing any of your questions and concerns.

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