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Why Choose A Green Cleaning Service?

Organic Cleaning


What makes green cleaning so important and why should you demand it? The potential harm that can be caused by traditional cleaning chemicals is the main reason that you will want to consider the switch to eco-friendly cleaning services. You should understand the science behind cleaning, and how the chemicals present in many conventional products can harm your health. Understanding the science behind the chemicals in harsh cleaners and the way they can contaminate the body are important to understanding how your cleaning service can affect your health and well-being. Properly selecting and using green cleaning products can help safeguard the health and safety of  your family and the planet. Envivia Clean selects only the highest quality organic and all-natural products to clean your home from top to bottom.


Science has made it clear that cleaning products can have an impact on your health. Some traditional products are known to contribute to health problems such as eye, skin and respiratory irritation as well as asthma and other allergic reactions, which can lead to a lessened quality of life. Replacing these products with eco-friendly and natural cleaners can reduce the potential for harm.

We value our team at Envivia Clean and want to ensure they are not exposed to these harmful chemicals either. Cleaning personnel who have longer-term exposures at higher concentrations to chemical cleaning products can lead to serious illness such as cancer, reproductive issues, and neurological disorders. We would never want to put our staff at risk with these potent and dangerous chemicals.


To minimize risks, it is important to understand how toxins can enter the body. These routes of exposure include ingestion, inhalation and dermal exposure. One such way is from residues of cleaning products on food preparation surfaces, as well as from poorly cleaned hands. If you clean your food surfaces with harsh cleaners and then prepare food on them or don’t wash your hands fully, those toxic chemicals can be ingested.

Another route of exposure is inhalation. According to EPA, indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times, and occasionally more than 100 times, higher than outdoor levels. Levels of indoor air pollutants may be of particular concern because most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Much of the indoor air pollution results from the use of chemicals indoors. For example, cleaners dispensed from aerosol cans, fragrances used in products that mask odors, and solvents found in polishes all contain ingredients that can have a negative health impact when inhaled. As these chemicals pass from the lungs into the blood stream, they affect the nervous system and other major organs. This can result in symptoms including dizziness, respiratory distress, trigger asthma and more.

The final route of exposure is absorption through the skin. For example, 2-butoxyethanol, which is common in many traditional cleaners and degreasers, is readily absorbed through the skin and can be toxic to the reproductive system and other major body organs.

In fact, many studies are showing that many of the cancers that women are up against are linked to toxic chemical cleaners used in their own homes.

One such study can be found here.

These chemical toxins are also linked to reproductive and developmental harm, organ damage, endocrine disruption and immune suppression, to name a few. Remember, these toxins are not only harming the user but anyone else in your home as well, including children, babies and pets! Cleaning organically is the most responsible choice you can make for your self and your family.

At Envivia Clean it doesn’t have to cost any more than cleaning with harsh and toxic chemical cleaners. We have kept our prices at an industry standard and have home packages available to fit into your budget. Just give us a call or fill in our intake form for a free estimate.